Operations and efficiency

The operations and efficiency line provides a wealth of information helping you to structure and manage the core functions of your business more effectively.

Whether it's making your website work harder or reviewing your environmental management system, this line tells you all you need to know.


Information technology

Ten years ago businesses with a website were a step ahead of the competition. Today, businesses without a website are one step behind.

IT has changed the way we do business forever and it has benefits for businesses of any shape or size looking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Resource Efficiency

It makes good business sense to manage your resources effectively. Managing your raw materials, energy and water can reduce your waste and ultimately reduce costs.

It can also help your business comply with environmental legislation and improve your environmental performance. Improving your environmental performance can help you gain advantages in an increasingly environmentally conscious world.

Make this station the first step to managing your resources more effectively.

Waste Management and Environment

It makes good business sense to manage the waste your company produces. A reduction in waste through managing your raw materials, energy and water more effectively can result in savings for your business.

It can also help your business comply with environmental legislation and improve your environmental performance.

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Eastex - materials exchange

Eastex is a materials exchange that actively exploits the principle that one company's waste is another's raw material.

Eastex is a free online information service where businesses can view and place information about redundant stock and surplus raw materials. Businesses and other organisations are automatically matched via the internet so that unwanted items can be passed on or sourced.

Renewables East

Renewables East is your gateway to information relating to the renewable energy sector.

Services offered by Renewables East include;

  • Encouraging market opportunities for the renewable energy industry
  • Stimulating renewable energy products and services
  • Arranging events to give regional companies real opportunities to become involved in the renewable energy industry
  • Exploring the relationship between biomass and bio fuel supply chain development
  • Finding ways to assist the removal of planning barriers to renewable energy development at strategic and local level 
  • Stimulating design, manufacturing, assembly, installation and maintenance, and other supply chain opportunities associated with offshore wind power
  • Identifying areas where research and development outputs need assistance to achieve commercial application
  • Finding the best applications of regional funding to stimulate renewable energy business development
  • Supporting the commercial development of biomass technologies, and systems for heating and transport fuels
  • Supporting the commercial use of renewable energy technologies and systems in new housing developments
  • Developing the skills base needed to satisfy the supply chain needs of the wind energy and biomass sectors

The National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP)

The National Industrial Symbiosis Programme is a free business opportunity programme that brings together companies from all business sectors with the aim of improving cross industry resource efficiency.

Committed to connecting industry and creating opportunity, NISP uses the industrial symbiosis approach by asking companies to collaborate and share information, knowledge, expertise and resources to improve their commercial and environmental performance. In this way NISP identifies mutually profitable links between its member companies so that previously unused, under utilised or discarded resources from one are recovered, reprocessed or reused by others.

NISP deals with all types of resource - materials, energy, water and supports the sharing of assets, logistics and expertise. Through NISP, companies can achieve substantial cost savings, generate sales from new markets and contribute towards creating an environmentally sustainable economy.

Membership of NISP is free regardless of company size, turnover or sector.

NISP offers;

  • identification of potential 'synergies' via free facilitated workshops
  • provision of free expertise to facilitate 'synergies' and business opportunities
  • free access to network of like minded businesses.

NISP members have enjoyed a range of environmental and financial benefits;

  • cost savings
  • new sales opportunities
  • access to private investment
  • new job creation
  • supply chain efficiency improvements
  • reductions in hazardous wastes
  • reductions in greenhouse gas generation
  • reductions in water use
  • reductions in waste going to landfill

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